Untitled part 4 ❣

Let me drown in the depths of your eyes tonight

Let me be the only one in your sight

Let me taste the venom of hatred  on your tongue tonight

Connecting heart to heart through the tip of our fingers

Let me feel feel closer to the darkness which once used to be light

Time Is cruel

And we are clueless

Every second with you seems to worthless

But still,

Let me stay

Don’t let me go 

Hear the silence tonight

And let the actions show………


So anyone who reads this the question you have to answer is do you believe in aliens, I don’t. Do comment !! 


Untitled 3 ❣

Do you sometimes feel lonley though you are in a crowd. 

We all are always surrounded by people, some show their true colours while some just wear a fake mask. Some walk behind while some force us to follow but only a few are those who walk beside us step by step on the rytham of our matching hearts. There are some people who just like to see misery they Leach off on pain, only few are those you stop us when we hop on the wrong train.

Some just light up our world with a single flash off blindning smile but only  some stick around when the light is gone. Some just darken our lives but there is always the one who walks up to us with a candle  in their hand and love shining in their eyes. Only some help us to kick the ass of the darkness and walk us through into the light. 

The only few mentioned above have the right to stay in our lives or should I say we have the the privilege to have them beside. 


So this was mainly describes the want young people have these days. The need to be popular, the need to be in the  “in group”. I also had it for a while. It’s like the number of your friends decided if you are cool or a total loser. But as the time passed I realized that it’s just a number. I don’t have many friends but I know the few friends I have are all I need in my life. I rather have one true friend than thoundands of fake ones. So just keep in mind that having less friends does not mean you are a loser or you are not cool it just shows that you are intelligent enough to see through people. 

(P.S I also have Zayn and Bts to go through my life😂)


Untitled part 2 ❣

Bright lights

Lonley nights

Scary hights

Petty fights

Sailing across the sky like kites

Careing only for yourself as u know u are always Right

Pretty faces 

Empty minds

Dazzling teeth

Showing fake smiles

Future of tommorow

Today drowning in their own sorrow

Popping pills

Drinking fast

Slowly burning out the fires in their hearts

Clouded minds taking choices

A lot to say with those meek voices

Such passion drowning down the drains

Harmful toxics shooting up their veins

Oh what a shame

Sold to lust of want and fame…….

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